Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deciding to go to the emergency room

I am not bored, I am in search of something meaningful to do. So, I am seeking the help of  my daughter because I do not know anything about blogging.  But, I feel that I can think very well about the things that matter about living as a 70+.

Last week I asked my husband to drive me to the emergency room. For days I had been having some  unusual feelings in my left chest.  (This took my mom a while to recall how she felt.) Some little, little tightness.  And it would go. Just like that. Some discomfort - very, very slight - barely enough to be felt.  And weakness - without any cause.  Not hunger, not work, not stress.  The first two would be there and then gone. So flitting.

So I managed. I kept about - doing the chores - 5 days - 1 week - 2 weeks. And the weakness began to come more often, and longer - even when I would be reading the paper in the early morning. Even when I watched TV, which was saying, for women the signs or symptoms of a heart attack or a stroke are different from the men's and they are even different among women.

The next morning after the TV ad on Signs & Symptoms of Strokes and Heart Attacks, I put my Kaiser ID card in my purse, and my necessities for a day stay in the hospital. And slowly I asked my husband, "Fred, I feel that I need to go to the Emergency."


  1. Welcome to blogging, Manang and Myr!!!
    BTW, love the lay-out....

  2. You are very much attuned to your body and there is nothing wrong about being more cautious. But don't overdo it too. You might end up crying wolf.